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Are you struggling with life issues related to trauma, relationships, navigating life as a POC, or life transitions? Sometimes life gets too heavy and professional therapy can help guide you towards acceptance & healing. I'd love to help guide you on your inner healing journey.

Guiding You On the Path of Finding Your Inner Resilience &  Self-Healing

Looking to tackle emotions & thoughts related to trauma, anxiety & depression or relationships in a 1-on-1 setting? Individual therapy is the place for you.

Group Therapy

Do you thrive in collective spaces & learn from shared experiences? Join the DBT Skills Group & strengthen your social and emotion regulation skills. 


Do you feel there is something blocking you from obtaining your goals? If you're looking to gain support on creating a plan to reach your goals, lifestyle coaching is where to be.

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I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working with individuals and groups based in New York City.  I have experience working with people of color, traumatic experiences, folks in the LGBTQIA+ community, individuals struggling with eating & mood disorders and those wanting to resolve interpersonal issues. Whether you want to heal your trauma & relationships or become unstuck from anxiety and depression - your wellbeing is my number one priority. 

Life can get heavy, and when it does it’s important that you have the skills and knowledge to effectively cope and process through your emotions. Together in therapy we will explore life stressors and dive deeper into the root of your emotional patterns. I'll empower you to explore your emotions and thoughts, to speak openly about challenging life experiences, and explore what ways of coping best suit you.


Before our first session we will agree upon payment and pricing, answering any questions you may have, and prepare for our first session. Our sessions can range from 45-50 minutes depending on your needs, and are held virtually. 

I am currently taking new clients and would love to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your needs, goals, and assess if we are a good fit.  

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