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During individual sessions you and I will explore any symptoms related to trauma, interpersonal challenges & attachment, and mood regulation. My goal is to create a space where you feel comfortable to be vulnerable and dig below the surface. Our first couple sessions will include building rapport, getting comfortable with one another, and setting goals for your time in therapy. We'll work together strengthening your perspective of self and understanding of your life experiences. To get the most out of therapy, I encourage you to come prepared to session with something to explore, assignments completed, or any questions you may be pondering about your experiences.


In sessions focused on exploring the BIPOC experience, we'll explore how racism and other social issues impact the intersectionalities of your identity and self-image. Topics to discuss may include navigating life as a black, indigenous, person of color in today’s society, strengthening your racial identity, exploring racial history, learning about intergenerational trauma and more.

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